Group Photoshoots are the new black!


Photoshoots are scary, Uprising Brand Photography was born to take that fear away

By Tiffany Mitchell

Hi, My name is Tiffany Mitchell

I am a portrait photographer with a passion for personal branding photography.

There is something so rewarding about working with other business women who are feeling a little lost and very overwhelmed in their business. Because that is exactly where I was before I re-birthed my business through the guidance of a wonderful business coach. I now know in my soul that this is my path. This brings me great joy, and so Uprising Brand Photography was born.

“Empowered women empower women”

I understand the importance of professional visual content in this modern world. Photography has the ability to inspire, create desire, connect and empower.

It can also breed doubt, confusion, misunderstanding and discourage people from your website and social platforms when not used properly.

That is why I have created the first personal branding photoshoot within a group environment.

The benefits of this concept are clear….

  • you have the opportunity to connect with other women in similar phases of their business. You will empower one another, inspire each other and even appear in others images where needed.
  • The fear is no longer there, because you are not doing this alone! we are all there to support you, We need more women raising each other up in this world and I am determined to make a difference one photoshoot at a time.
  • The cost is also shared. This is going to be so beneficial to those younger business’s that may not have a marketing budget big enough for a 1:1 photoshoot but still value professional images that are created with authenticity, shot with professional gear, edited with professional software and delivered in high resolution. NO more iPhones or stock libraries!
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If this all sounds interesting and you would like to learn more about the very first scheduled group photoshoot, head to the events page on my website.

I look forward to photographing you!

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