Let’s talk about Personal Branding!

Hello and welcome back!

I though that since we are already halfway through January, I best be getting back to work.

Since I have been too busy relaxing over the last month, and not getting a great deal of work done, I thought I would share some of my favourite personal branding shoots from late last year.

In December, I held my second group personal branding photoshoot where I had 5 beautiful business women come together for a day of content creation.

I hired a stunning property here on the Gold Coast owned by the talented Michael and Carlene (from the block) lovingly named Cedar and Suede.

Cedar and Suede is so perfect for personal branding because of it’s abundant natural light, endless backdrops and shooting spaces. The colour palette is a mix of natural with some modern bold accents. Basically it’s a photographers dream and we got to use it!

But what does group personal branding even mean and how does it work??? 

Basically, The idea behind group branding is to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to have their branding photography and visual content created at a more affordable price point.

If you have ever looked into having professional photography done before, you will know that it’s not cheap… And there is a good reason for that –

Professional photographers are just like any other small business, we set our prices based on our training, skill level, experience, the professional gear and software we use to create the professional polished images that you need, as well as insurance, tax, super and of course our time. So of course it is expensive, we have trained in our craft for years to give you the best possible service and product that we can. Just like you do for your clients and we all deserve to be paid for our time, our service and our products.

Personal Branding photography is worth paying $1000 + for. It is an investment in your business.

But I don’t have $1000+ to spend on Branding photos! I hear you say –

Most start up businesses don’t – and you are not alone.

Which brings me back to my point…. Group branding.

Why not share a Branding photoshoot with a few other small business owners like yourself?

You get to connect and network in a small group of like minded women, you can relax and enjoy your day between shooting with me, there is plenty of time to change outfits and collaborate with the other ladies, and even appear in each other shoots if needed.

It’s a win – win. You get personal branding photography on location – no pressure – lots of fun – and at a fraction of the price.

One of the main objections I hear as to why women can’t or won’t  be photographed for their business is FEAR. They are afraid. they are scared to put themselves out there, or hate having their photo taken and hate how they look in photos.

Group personal branding creates a safe and supportive environment where we all lift each other up. We are there to guide you with your outfits and hair, we give compliments and inspire one another and together we create magic.

I take care of the rest – I have trained in posing and lighting, so you don’t have to worry about being photogenic or coming up with poses – that’s my job, together we sit down and we talk about your insecurities and I teach you how to work your angles to hide the bits you don’t love and show off the bits you do.

You will always be taken care of at an Uprising photoshoot.

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